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< cpp‎ | language
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value categories (lvalue, rvalue, xvalue)
Denim Levi's Ryan Oxford Men's Navy wSzUF7q (sequence points)
constant expressions
unevaluated expressions
primary expressions
Knot Thick Summer Striped weiwei Slippers Ladies Flat Sole Butterfly Bottom A Slippers 1xYfqa4fFw(C++11)
integer literals
floating-point literals
boolean literals
character literals including escape sequences
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Sneaker On Flowers Pink Womens Berries Lightweight and Mesh FAAERD Breathable Sneaker Abstract Fashion Classic 60waqxOYtA(C++11)
user-defined literal(C++11)
Assignment operators: a=b, a+=b, a-=b, a*=b, a/=b, a%=b, a&=b, a|=b, a^=b, a<<=b, a>>=b
Increment and decrement: ++a, --a, a++, a--
Arithmetic operators: +a, -a, a+b, a-b, a*b, a/b, a%b, ~a, a&b, a|b, a^b, a<, a>>b
Logical operators: a||b, a&&b, !a
Comparison operators: a==b, a!=b, a, a>b, a<=b, a>=b, a<=>bSandal Thong White Bella Leather Vita Women's Italy Lou (C++20)
Member access operators: a[b], *a, &a, a->b, a.b, a->*b, a.*b
Other operators: a(...), a,b, a?b:c
Default comparisons(C++20)
Alternative representations of operators
Precedence and associativity
Fold expression(C++17)
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Serena Boot Black Slouch Women's MIA 1ZYU8wx(C++11)
Operator overloading
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Explicit conversions (T)a, Lou Italy White Leather Women's Sandal Bella Vita Thong T(a)
User-defined conversion

An expression is a sequence of operators and their operands, that specifies a computation.

Expression evaluation may produce a result (e.g., evaluation of 2+2 produces the result 4) and may generate side-effects (e.g. evaluation of std::printf("%d",4) prints the character '4' on the standard output).



[Pewter 0 Mens Excellent Red Workout Reebok 2 TR Navy White Collegiate dInxqHwxv] General

[edit] Operators

Common operators
assignment increment
arithmetic logical comparison Boot Western Walnut Laredo Men's Jacksonville x8a7qtnwY0 other

a = b
a += b
a -= b
a *= b
a /= b
a %Thong Women's Sandal Lou White Bella Vita Italy Leather = b
a &= b
a |= b
a ^= b
a <<= b
Saltwater Boot Sider Top Rose Women's Sperry Oat xPvgtwq7 a >>= b


Leather Bella White Women's Vita Sandal Thong Italy Lou
a + b
a - b
a * b
a / b
a % b
a & b
a | b
a ^ b
a << b
a >> b

a && b
a || b

a == b
a Bella Vita Italy Lou Women's Sandal White Thong Leather != b
a < b
a > b
a <= b
a >= b
a <=> b

a->Vita Bella Women's Italy Leather White Sandal Lou Thong *b
a.Thong Lou Vita White Leather Italy Sandal Women's Bella *b

a, b
? :

Special operators

static_castGrey Bearpaw Black Men's Slipper Peeta xIfInw6rat converts one type to another related type
dynamic_cast converts within inheritance hierarchies
const_cast adds or removes cv qualifiers
reinterpret_cast converts type to unrelated type
C-style cast converts one type to another by a mix of static_cast, const_cast, and reinterpret_cast
new creates objects with dynamic storage duration
delete destructs objects previously created by the new expression and releases obtained memory area
sizeof queries the size of a type
sizeof... queries the size of a parameter pack (since C++11)
typeid queries the type information of a type
Toe Pumps Imitated Suede Pull Shoes On Women's Gray High Heels WeenFashion Pointed TAIZq checks if an expression can throw an exception (since C++11)
alignof queries alignment requirements of a type (since C++11)

[edit] Conversions

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[edit] Memory allocation

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[edit] Other

[edit] Primary expressions

The operands of any operator may be other expressions or primary expressions (e.g. in 1+2*Bella Lou Women's Thong Italy Sandal Vita White Leather 3, the operands of operator+ are the subexpression 2*3 and the primary expression 1).

Primary expressions are any of the following:

1) Literals (e.g. 2 or "Hello, world")
2) Suitably declared unqualified identifiers (e.g. n or cout)
3) Suitably declared qualified identifiers (e.g. std::string::npos)
4) Lambda-expressions (C++11)
5) Fold-expressions (C++17)

Any expression in parentheses is also classified as a primary expression: this guarantees that the parentheses have higher precedence than any operator. Parentheses preserve value, type, and value category.

[edit] Literals

Literals are the tokens of a C++ program that represent constant values embedded in the source code.

[edit] Unevaluated expressions

The operands of the operators typeid, sizeof, Toe Pumps Imitated Suede Pull Shoes On Women's Gray High Heels WeenFashion Pointed TAIZq, and decltype (since C++11) are expressions that are not evaluated (unless they are polymorphic glvalues and are the operands of typeid), since these operators only query the compile-time properties of their operands. Thus, std::size_t n = sizeof(std::cout << 42); does not perform console output.

The unevaluated operands are considered to be full expressions even though they are syntactically operands in a larger expression (for example, this means that sizeof(T()) requires an accessible T::~T)

(since C++14)

The requires-expressions are also unevaluated expressions.

(since C++20)

[Women's Running Metallic Fierce PUMA Black Shoe dcqHadn6] Discarded-value expressions

A discarded-value expression is an expression that is used for its side-effects only. The value calculated from such expression is discarded. Such expressions include the full expression of any expression statement, the left-hand argument of the built-in comma operator, or the argument of a cast-expression that casts to the type void.

Array-to-pointer and function-to-pointer conversions are never applied to the value calculated by a discarded-value expression. The lvalue-to-rvalue conversion, however, is applied, but only if the expression is a volatile-qualified glvalue and has one of the following forms (possibly parenthesized)

  • id-expression
  • array subscript expression
  • class member access expression
  • indirection
  • pointer-to-member operation
  • conditional expression where both the second and the third operands are one of these expressions,
  • comma expression where the right operand is one of these expressions.
In addition, if the expression is of class type, a volatile copy-constructor is required to initialize the resulting rvalue temporary. (until C++17)

If the expression is a non-void prvalue (after any lvalue-to-rvalue conversion that might have taken place), temporary materialization occurs. If the original glvalue is of volatile-qualified class type, a volatile copy-constructor is required to initialize the resulting rvalue temporary.

Compilers may issue warnings when an expression other than cast to void discards a value declared [[nodiscard]]

(since C++17)