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  • 1In a sufficiently great or important way as to be worthy of attention.

    ‘energy bills have increased significantly this year’
    as submodifier ‘their situation is significantly different from ours’
    • ‘Advanced optical coatings are designed for near total reflection over a pre-defined spectral region, offering the potential to significantly improve system throughput.’
    • ‘Enemy casualties, I think, are significantly higher than I expected.’
    • ‘The mammographic findings are not significantly different from the overall group.’
    • ‘Apart from the failure of the rover's front-wheel steering, which had not significantly impaired the planned activity, everything had gone well.’
    • ‘Scores in all measures improved significantly with sildenafil therapy.’
    • ‘The inclusion of a permanent, central building increased costs significantly.’
    • ‘Private users are switching to take advantage of significantly higher transfer rates.’
    • ‘At the same time, the visceral fat calculated from the CT image passing the umbilical region was also significantly reduced.’
    • ‘Ohnishi's results were radically different, with a significantly larger estimated value of 0.49.’
    • ‘Compared to a constant temperature simulation, the folded state was accessible within a significantly shorter simulation time.’Frank Peep Pump Gold Toe Dress City Comfort Soft Glitter Heel Rhinestones Foam Classified High 5CUfwqS
    • ‘Conversely, drug court participants are significantly more likely than diversion participants to be arrested during the follow-up period.’
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    • ‘Peregrine falcons are heavy, compact birds with the female being significantly larger than the male.’
    • ‘Walkers have managed to build their market share significantly.’
    • ‘Stained or dirty beans are subject to being downgraded to feed quality, significantly reducing the value of the crop.’
    • ‘The self-evaluation intervention did result in significantly increased rates of teacher praise from the pretreatment to treatment phase.’
    • ‘However, they did not change significantly from pre - to postexposure under either placebo or vitamin conditions.’
    • ‘Thirteen of 42 patients had to be admitted; the hospitalization rate did not differ significantly between the two groups.’
    • ‘Whenever the first hint of winter's chill is in the air, the hazards of carbon monoxide exposure increase significantly.’
    • ‘The Academy has changed significantly in the past 40 years.’
    • ‘Instead, we argue for the neutrality of nature, which is significantly different.’
    notably, remarkably, outstandingly, importantly, seriously, crucially, materially, appreciably
    meaningfully, expressively, eloquently, informatively, revealingly, indicatively, suggestively
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  • 2In a way that has a particular meaning.

    as sentence adverb ‘significantly, he has refused to give a straight answer to this question’
    • ‘Significantly, the US military claimed it never fired a shot, making the incident a text-book example of the way security is meant to work in the newly sovereign Iraq.’
    • ‘Significantly, the bill calls for a requirement that US assistance to Tibet, including that funneled through "projects supported by international financial institutions," demonstrate benefits to Tibetans themselves.’
    • ‘Significantly, I think, Harris's analysis would likely find literary precedent in Contending Forces.’
    • ‘Significantly, Wang does not characterise Guei's naiveté as a product of stupidity or mediocrity.’
    • ‘Significantly, perhaps, relatively few are ever described as having wigs.’
    • ‘Significantly, as a group, the crystals ' are embraced by the liquid silicone '.’
    • ‘Significantly, Mrs Thatcher was in Paris in November 1990 when she learned the result of the first ballot of the leadership contest with Michael Heseltine.’
    • ‘Significantly, a mutation in HIM - 3, a protein component of the C. elegans meiotic axial element, disrupts interference.’
    • ‘Significantly, Mike Keegan was President of Wests during this innovative time and Brian Cairns, the negotiator.’
    1. 2.1 In a manner that suggests a meaning or message that is not explicitly stated.
      ‘he paused significantly’